Sensei is Weird

Sensei is Wierd

I know most people don’t think or wonder about things the way I do. And that’s OK. It’s the way it should be. But there are a few out there that are seeking answers as I have. I know it is a hard path: one that takes effort and courage. It’s a path with many blind alleys. So I feel compelled to leave bread crumbs so other seekers can at least get as far as I have along the path.

Here’s a message for that seeker.


Where does one come from? Where does the number one come from?

Our normal mental concept of one comes from our mind creating a boundary around things. It comes from an artifact of how our brain must operate to have knowledge. But is that the source of the number one? What happens if we expand or get rid of the boundary?

Look at a number one on a page. Become aware of the boundary your mind is making to distinguish it from other things.

Now mentally move the boundary farther out. Then farther out. Then farther out. We still can have a feeling of one. The source of one is not dependent on the boundary our mind sets.

Now take the boundary out all the way and destroy the boundary. By doing this we see that one is not defined by the mental boundary. By doing this we create a bigger concept of one that is closer to the source of the number one.

Look at one thing from where you stand. Become aware of the boundary your mind is creating to define that thing. Mentally expand that boundary farther and farther. Expand the boundary to a mile away, two miles away, and even to the edge of existence. Is there still one thing?

We see things through the mechanics of our mind. But some of what we mentally see is not solid in reality. Some of what we see is simply a mental projection. The source of one is bigger than our mind.

This applies to our sense of identity also. We place a boundary around a certain set of ideas, thoughts, perceptions, and feelings and we say “That is me, that is my identity.”

But you may find that you can move the boundary. If you can move the mental boundary, is it possible that the real source of you, of your identity, is bigger than what your mind had previously assumed.

What if there is no boundary? What would be the source of you? What would YOU be?

The path can be hard, but along the correct path, life gets lighter.

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