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Karate Classes In Port Orchard

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Take On A Powerful Self-Defense System With Our Karate Classes

At UKO Karate, we are proud to offer you the most comprehensive Karate instruction around. Whether you're hoping to stay active and learn real-world selfdefense, or your child is looking for an exciting new hobby, we've got you covered.

Our Karate Classes in Port Orchard are built on a traditional Okinawan Karate style called Shitoryu.

Kenwa Mabuni 1889 - 1952

The founder of Shito Ryu. Mabuni Sensei’s studied Shuri Te with Anko Itosu, Naha Te with Kanryo Higaona and Arakaki Seisho, and White Crane Kung Fu with Gokenki.

Soke Teruo Hayashi 1924 - 2004

Our branch of Shito Ryu is Hayashi-Ha Shito Ryu named after Grand Master (Soke) Teruo Hayashi. Soke Hayashi studied Judo from age 8 to the age of 24. He then switched to studying Karate with Kosei Kokuba a direct student of Mabuni Sensei. And later directly with Mabuni Sensei He also studied with Shoshin Nagamine (Shorin Ryu) , Seiko Higa (Goju Ryu), He also studied weapons with Shinken Taira, Ryusho Sakagami, and Kenko Nakaima.

Shihan Akio Minakami 1948 -

Shihan Akio Minakami at the age of 7 started study at the Jujitsu/Kodokan Judo school under 9th Degree Kodokan Black Belt Takagi Sensei. By age 21 he was the first man ever to win both Kata and Kumite at the All Hawaii Championships. He won 5 Gold Medals at the Hayashi-Ha Shitoryu-Kai International Championships, 5 gold Medals at the All Japan Karate Championships, and was the first man ever to win 5 Gold Medals (every division possible) at the AAU National Championships. Shihan Minakami holds a 9th Degree Black Belt in Hayashi-Ha Shitoryu-Kai, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Chinen Yamanni Ryu Bojutsu, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kendo (Japanese Sword Fighting), and a Black Belt in Judo.

Sensei David Grout 1956 -

Sensei David Grout currently holds a 6th Degree Black Belt fom Hayashi-Ha Shito Ryu and has also formally studied Kendo, Aikido, Modern Arnis,Close Quarters Combat, and Tai Chi. Sensei Grout established a World Record for the longest Firewalk at the University of Pittsburg in Jonestown PA, in 1998.

Learn From The Best At UKO Karate

We're proud to bring you the most well-rounded Karate instruction after spending a lifetime learning and living the discipline. We take pride in making sure our students learn the history of Karate and everything that comes with it.

Our team brings decades of experience to the table and we're excited to share it with you. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our Karate Classes are scalable and modifiable to help you get the most out of every single lesson.

We have designed a progressive system of curriculum, and belt promotions to keep you more motivated than ever to:

  • Perfect your technique
  • Build strength and efficiency
  • Face life's challenges with confidence and courage

In our Karate Classes, you'll learn how to perfect your strikes and develop effective strategies while staying balanced in the face of an opponent and clear-headed during situations of stress.

Find The Karate Classes That Works Best For You!

Our Karate Classes in Port Orchard include:

Kids Martial Arts (Ages 4-12): Age-specific instruction ranging from foundational to high -level. Our students learn the basics of self-defense while also building well-rounded character

Teen And Adult Martial Arts (Ages 13 and up): Perfect for all experience levels, these classes help students grow in their pursuit of Karate and take on a true-total body workout in no time.

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Learn More About Our Karate Classes In Port Orchard Today!

If you're ready to take on the world's most effective self-defense system, look no further. Our Karate classes at UKO Karate are helping men, women, and children across the Kitsap Peninsula to get fit, build confidence, learn practical self-defense, and master their lives.

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